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.ELM chips for SALE

Last Updated 01 January 2006



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PRoToCoL UsAgE SoftWare NoTeS Price $
OBD-II ELM-based Scanners
OBD-II ISO '96 ISO 9141-х ScanTool 1.08 (free) Europe/Asia/Chrysler 150
ODB-II VPW '96 J1850 VPW ScanTool 1.08 (free) General Motors 140
OBD-II PWM '96 J1850 PWM ScanTool 1.08 (free) Ford 140
ALL of 3 OBD-II ALL THREE ! ScanTool 1.08 (free) ISO+KWP+PWM+VPW 333
ELM 320 PWM ScanTool 1.08 (free) SAE PWM J1850 40
ELM 322 VPW ScanTool 1.08 (free) SAE PWM J1850 40
ELM 323 ISO ScanTool 1.08 (free) ISO 9141-2; KWP 2000 50
ALL of 3 ELM Chips ALL OBD-II ScanTool 1.08 (free) ISO+KWP+PWM+VPW 100
How to Order and Pay ? Terms of Payment and Delivery Как Заказать и Оплатить ?
contact for discount if you want to order more than 10 chips

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OBD-II and AutoScan DOWNLOAD & Technical Support Page +375-29-667-11-23 (Minsk, Belarus)

PinOuts of ElmScan and J1962 connections

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